When Grass Ridge Farm, in Sonoita, Arizona, stopped hosting Eventing competitions we formed a new organization and began a search for a different venue in Southern Arizona. We have recently entered into an agreement with the Pima County Fair Commission to lease 60 acres adjacent to the Pima County Fairgrounds on which we will build a cross-country course.


Our Mission

Southern Arizona Equestrian Association (SAzEA) promotes equestrian education and development in Southern Arizona by supporting and conducting eventing competitions, clinics, and schooling opportunities in a safe, wholesome environment that fosters good sportsmanship and enjoyment of the sport.

We have secured a venue for eventing at the Pima County Fairgrounds in Tucson, Arizona. The fairgrounds provides dressage and jumping arenas, boarding facilities, and RV hookups. We need only build a cross-country course on the 60 acres adjacent to the fairgrounds.

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What We've Achieved

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